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Phalaenopsis II

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Phalaenopsis gibbosa

Phalaenopsis gibbosa

Phalaenopsis gigantea

Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica

Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica

Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica

Phalaenopsis honghenensis

Phalaenopsis inscripto-sinensis

Phalaenopsis javanica

Phalaenopsis kunsteiri

Phalaenopsis lamelligera

Phalaenopsis lindenii

Phalaenopsis lobbii

Phalaenopsis lowii

Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana

Phalaenopsis maculata

Phalaenopsis maculata var. aurea

Phalaenopsis mariae

Phalaenopsis minus

Phalaenopsis modesta

Phalaenopsis ochracea (?)

Phalaenopsis pallens

Phalaenopsis parishii

Phalaenopsis philipinensis

Phalaenopsis pulcherimma var. coerulea

Phalaenopsis pulcherimma

Phalaenopsis pulchra

Phalaenopsis reichenbachiana

Phalaenopsis schilleriana

Phalaenopsis sanderiana

Phalaenopsis sp.

Phalaenopsis sp.

Phalaenopsis sp.

Phalaenopsis stobartiana

Phalaenopsis stuartiana

Phalaenopsis stuartiana var. aurea

Phalaenopsis sumatrana

Phalaenopsis taenialis

Phalaenopsis tetraspis

Phalaenopsis venosa

Phalaenopsis violacea

Phalaenopsis violacea var. coerulea

Phalaenopsis viridis

Phalaenopsis wilsonii

Phalaenopsis zebrina

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