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Orchid and Flower Photography and Talks by Ron Parsons

Contact Information

Ron Parsons

Ron is a popular speaker at many orchid and plant societies, including those in the San Francisco Bay area, as well as nationally and internationally. His upcoming schedule and lists of venues and lecture topics for the past few years are given below. Please see the lectures page for description of the various lecture topics, and contact Ron at the email above for further information.

    Cornus canadensis

Lepanthes caprimulgas

Monarda didyma

Downingia insigne

Clarkia concinna

Calochortus venustus

Aristolochia californica

Passiflora mariae

Conophytum truncataum var. wiggetiae

Lecture Schedule, 2015/2016

January 18 San Francisco Gesneriad Society
“Botanizing in Southern Ecuador”

January 23 Santa Barbara Orchid Society
“Orchids of Sichuan, China”

February 1 Greater Las Vegas Orchid Society
“Botanizing in southern Ecuador”

February 4 Palomar Orchid Society
“An orchid adventure in Colombia”

March 12 Long Island Orchid Society
“Miniature Orchid Species”

May 11 Utah Orchid Society, Salt Lake City
“Orchids of Sichuan, China”

May 12 Denver Orchid Society
“Orchids of Sichuan, China”

May 18 Orchid Society of California
“Orchids of Sichyuan, China”

July 2 Gesneriad Society Convention
“Botanizing Adventures in Ecuador and Colombia”

July 10 Malahini Orchid Society
“Orchids of Sichuan, China”

July 28 Marin Orchid Society
“Springtime in the Gargano Peninsula, Eastern Italy”

August 3 Carmel Orchid Society
“Orchids of Sichuan, China”

August 6 Epiphyllum Society of San Francisco
“Springtime in Western Australia”

August 28 Peninsula Orchid Society, San Mateo
“Springtime in Western Australia”

September 1 Greater Cincinatti Orchid Society
“An orchid adventure in Colombia"

September 2 Dayton Orchid Society
“Botanizing in Southern Ecuador"

September 13 Species Orchid Society, Orange County
“Botanizing in Southern Ecuador”

October 2 Santa Cruz Orchid Society
“Adventures in Southeastern Australia”

October 14 Cool Growing Orchid Club, Garden Grove, CA
“Cool Growing Orchids”

November 6 Stawell Orchid Society, Stawell Australia

"Botanizing in Southern Ecuador"

November 18 Burnie Orchid Society, Tasmania Australia

"Botanizing in Southern Ecuador"

January 10, 2016 Greater Nevada Orchid Society

"Adventures in Southeastern Australia"

February 2, 2016 San Francisco Orchid Society

"Adventures in Southeastern Australia"

February 17, 2016 Tucson Orchid Society


February 18, 2016 Desert Valley Orchid Society, Phoenix


    Ron admiring a remarkable specimen of

    Ferocactus pilosus

    Coahuila, Mexico 2008

Porroglossum mordax

Restrepia trichoglossa

    Melaleuca sp.

Abutilon sp.

    Monadenium echinulatum

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