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Orchid and Flower Photography and Talks by Ron Parsons


Ron's photography was recently featured in three books that he co-authored: Masdevallias, Gems of the Orchid World , and Calochortus. Mariposa Lilies & Their Relatives and the two volume Compendium of Miniature Orchid Species. He was also a contributor to Flora's Orchids.


Masdevallias, Gems of the Orchid World

The Story Behind the Book

Calochortus. Mariposa Lilies & Their Relatives

The Story Behind the Book

Floras Orchids

The two volume set. Over 17 pounds of knowledge and incredible photos!

Available from RedFern Natural History Productions, Amazon, NHBS and many other book sellers.

Journal Articles

Parsons R. Far, Far Off Tongues. A Look at Porroglossums.  Orchid Digest 70, 15-24. 2004

Parsons R. A Plethora of Pleurothallids. Australian Orchid Review 69 (5), 4-15, 2004

Parsons R. An Assortment of Eclectic Orchid Species.  Australian Orchid Review 68 (6), 4-15, 2004

Parsons R. Weird and Wonderful: No Need to Shave. Bearded Orchid Species Down Under. Orchid Digest 69, 42-45. 2005

Parsons R. Rewarding Restrepias.  Orchid Digest 69, 69-78, 2005

Parsons R. Some Members of Dendrobium section Oxyglossum. Australian Orchid Review 70 (3). 4-16, 2005

Parsons R. My Search for Australian Orchid Species in the Wild.  Australian Orchid Review 70 (5), 4-16, 20, 2005

Parsons, R. Paying Lips Service. Orchid Digest 71(2): 74-81, 2007

Book and Journal Covers

Cattleyas and Their Relatives.

Volume 6

The South American Encyclia Species

Carl L. Withner


Australian Orchid Review

December 2003/January 2004


Orchid Species Culture

by Margaret L. Baker and Charles O. Baker

April, 2006

Orchid Review

November/December 2007

Volume 115 No 1278

Carnivorous Plant Newsletter

Back Cover

Journal of the International Carnivorous Plant Society

Volume 27(4). December 1998

Photo of flower of Pinguicula emarginata

The Orchid Advocate

Volume 20 (6) 1994


December 2007

Growing Sobralias by Bruce Rogers

Photographs by Ron Parsons

Orchid Digest

Back Cover

April, May 2002

Volume 66 (2)

Orchid Digest

April/May 2008

Volume 72(2)


Front Cover. Volume 82, No. 6

June 2013

Cynorkis villosa

Orchid Digest

Back Cover. Volume 78-3, 2014

Coryanthes macrantha

Orchid Digest

Front Cover. Volume 79-2, 2014

Oberonia setigera

Orchid Digest

Back Cover. Volume 79-2, 2014

Telipogon ionopogon

Orchids of Tropical America. An Introduction and Guide

Cornell University Press

Joe E. Meisel, Ronald S. Kaufmann and Franco Pupulin.

Front and Back Cover Photos by Ron Parsons


and Related Orchids

by Patrica A. Harding

(Timber Press)

Front cover (top)

and Back cover (top)

by Ron Parsons


April 2009

Volume 78/4

Cryptochilus sanguineus

Orchid Digest

Back Cover, Volume 78-1, 2014

Masdevallia coccinea (collection of John Leathers)

Orchid Digest

Front Cover, Volume 76-1, 2012

Ophrys sp.

Orchid Digest

Front Cover, Volume 78-2, 2014

Encyclia nutans

Orchid Digest

Back Cover, Volume 79-1, 2015

Roots of Angraecum viguieri

Orchid Digest

Back Cover, Volume 79-3, 2015

Catasetum saccatum

Orchid Digest

Front Cover, Volume 78-1, 2014

Dendrobium devonianum

Ron's photos have also appeared in many journals including Orchids, Orchid Digest, Orchid Review, Caesiana, Die Orchidee, Schlecteriana, The Orchid Advocate, Australian Orchid Review, Pacific Horticulture, Phalaenopsis, Journal of the International Phalaenopsis Alliance, and Orchids Australia.

His photographs can also be found in many books including Cattleyas and Their Relatives (Vol 11, V and VI, C. Withner and others, Timber Press), The Savage Garden (P. D'Amato, Ten Speed Press), California's Wild Gardens (P.M. Faber, UC Press), Sunset Orchids (J.R. Dunmire, Sunset Books), Crystal Palaces: American Garden Conservatories (A. Cunningham and P. Bennett, Princeton Architectural Press), Floras Orchids (N. Nash and I. LaCroix, Timber Press), Treasures of the Conservatory of Flowers (N. Sazevich, Heyday Books), Masdevallia and Affiliates (L. Thoerle, Missouri Botanical Garden), Huntleyas and Their Relatives (P. Harding, Timber Press), The New Encyclopedia of Orchids (I. LaCroix, Timber Press), Flora of Ecuador 225(9). Orchidaceae. Masdevallia and Affiliates (C.H. Dodson and C.A. Luer, Goteburg University), Black Plants-75 Striking Choices for the Garden (P. Bonine, Timber Press), The Stanhopea Book (Rudolf Jenny), Orchids: Masdevallias with its Segregates including Dracula (H. Zelenko, ZAI publications), Philippine Native Orchid Species (J. Cootes, Katha Publishing Co.), Orchids of Tropical America (J.E. Meisel, R.S. Kaufmann, F. Pupulin, Cornell University Press).