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Dendrobium Species

VII. Section Spatulata

Dendrobium I

Australian Species

Dendrobium II

Section Dendrobium

Dendrobium III

Section Calcarifera and Platycaulon

Dendrobium IV

Section Callista

Dendrobium V

Section Distichophyllum

Dendrobium VI

Section Formosae

Dendrobium VII

Section Spatulata

Dendrobium VIII

Section Stachyobium

Dendrobium IX

Miscellaneous Dendrobiums

Dendrobium X

Section Latouria

Dendrobium XI

Dendrobium cuthbertsonii and Dendrobium agathadaemonis

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Dendrobium antennatum

Dendrobium carronii

Dendrobium carronii

Dendrobium helix 'Pirouette'

Dendrobium helix

Dendrobium helix

Dendrobium lasianthera 'Pirouette'

Dendrobium stratiotes

Dendrobium sylvanum

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